"Arrive as guests, leave as friends" – John and Susan McHugh
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Salmesbury Hall

Salmesbury Hall, together with its ghosts, provides the visitor with an amazing insight into life at Lancashire’s amazing Historic home. The hall is closed until the 12th January when it reopens and admission is free until the end of the month. Opening times are Sunday to Friday 11a.m –4p.m. From an ancestral home to a school,factory and pub. Pillaged and preserved throughout the years from student to historian……..from serf to lord, from  priest to witch, from waitress to Trustee all have a story to tell. Catch up with these stories on the Sunday guided tours   also free in January. Enjoy the hall and gardens plus lovely refreshments in the restaurant.

Our local area has many diverse places of interest not all requiring warmer weather.

Consider a post Christmas break now.

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