"Arrive as guests, leave as friends" – John and Susan McHugh
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Barton Grange in Choctober

Barton Grange is the Destination Garden Centre of the Year and is celebrating its 50 anniversary this year. October ha a special emphasis on chocolate products with 12th and 13th being a special chocolate weekend. But as a special bonus the Christmas decoration display has just opened and what a fantastic display it is! So if you are looking for new ideas, an alternative colour scheme or just a new set of christmas lights Barton Grange is the place to go. Enjoy some welcome refreshments in one of the riverside cafe’s

If however you are interested in keeping your own poultry, at the far end of the car park you will find Pear Tree Poultry were you can peruse a wide variety of rare and hybrid chickens .

Or you can take a canal boat trip using www.budgietransport.co.uk form either Lancaster or Barton Grange

What a lot of things to do just 3-4 miles away.

We have mid week and week-end vacancies for the next few weeks which could also be combined with a trip to the illuminations.


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